Saturday, 7 April 2012

Zipper Trim Flower Tutorial



Here is a short list of what you will need:
1. Zipper Trim (1 yard will make about 3-4 flowers depending on the size of the flower)
2. Needle and Thread (and you won't always need a needle and thread for your flowers as we will show you how to do one with just chipboard and glue soon)
3. Half pearl button (or some other center)
And here is a step by step sequence of what you would need to do:
Step 1. Choose your zipper trim. Remember our zipper trim has two pieces to it so that 1 yard will actually give you 2 yards of trim to use. Take the trim and pull it apart til you have the trim like in step 1. You will use about 18" on this flower. Go ahead and cut a 12" piece to start your flower.
Step 2. Thread your needle and do a running stitch along the edge of the zipper trim as shown. Run it along the entire length of the trim. Make sure you knotted your trim at the beginning as you will be gathering with this thread.
Step 3.  Gather your trim by pulling on the thread. As you do so your zipper trim will start to spiral and turn into a flower  (neat huh?). Do this for the entire length of your trim. You can adjust the flower size by pulling tighter or leaving it looser.
Step 4. When the flwoer is to your liking, finish up your thread ends and then add the pearl center.
Step 5. To make the flower look like it has "petals" that overlap, take a 3" piece of the zipper trim. Create  a running stitch on it to gather and then sew it to the main flower piece. Repeat for a second piece of 3" zipper trim.
Step 6. Trim up all the ends and enjoy your flower!
Here are a couple of hints, steps 5 and 6 aren't necessary steps. They just give the flower some additional interesting petals. You can also leave the original zipper trim piece  at 18" and just complete steps 1-4 to make a simplier flower. It is up to you!

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