Monday, 20 February 2012

Cool idea! Beach Photo Jar!!!!

Beach Photo Jar @ Fiskarscraft

Designer:  Lisa Storms


1.  Drill three holes in top of jar lid.  Note:  This craft can be modified for any size jar.  Smaller jars will need only one or two photos.
2.  Mount photos onto chipboard of same size with thread taped in between layers.  Be sure to add a photo to the front and back since they will end up dangling and can spin around. 
3.  Add sand and shells to bottom of jar.  Put thread through holes in lid to desired photo height and tape off on top of lid. 
4.  Using Circle Cutter, cut circle of patterned paper to fit onto size of lid.  This easily covers up your thread and tape and provides a base for your star fish.
5. Emboss tan cardstock using the Dots Texture Plate and Texturing Tool.  If desired, go back with stylus for more defined dots.  Dab dots with white ink for extra pop.
6.  Trim embossed cardstock to 4.5" square.  Using Scoring Blade in Trimmer, score a line every .75" and fold accordion style making sure the textured side is on the outside on your first fold.   For smaller jars, cut 3" square and score every ½ inch.
7.  Measure and staple at center of folded cardstock.  Mark .5" from each side of staple and cut from that point to the opposing corner.  Be sure to cut off from the open side, not the closed side.

8.  Add adhesive between mark and staple on each side of star and fold out first pleat to meet and adhere to other side.  Repeat on opposite side.  Fan out star evenly using the Stylus if needed to get into folds.  Adhere onto top of jar.

9.  Print location and date onto blue cardstock and trim into rectangle.  Mount onto white cardstock and cut around perimeter with Stamp Paper Edgers to add to the vacation theme.
10.  Punch star from tan cardstock using Pop-up Star Punch.  Place onto foam or mouse pad and punch several holes onto back using a pin and adhere onto tag.
11.  Punch hole into tag using 1/16 Inch Circle Hand Punch.  Tie twine around lid of jar and attach tag using jump ring to complete photo jar.

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