Friday, 14 September 2012

Sticky Notes Clipboard from Coasters


What you’ll need:
-Restaurant coasters from places like On the Border, Chili’s, etc. (just ask for them, they gave me a hand full)
-Scrapbook paper
-Elmers glue or Tacky glue
-Binder clips (these came in different colors from Staples)
-Ink to do distressed edges (I used Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Walnut)
-Foam ink applicator
-Ribbons & embellishments

First, choose your choice of scrapbook paper. I used two coordinating pieces so that I can do one on each side. You’ll want to then trace the coaster onto the back side of the scrapbook paper and then cut carefully. I had to cut just inside my line I drew so that it wouldn’t hang off the edges.

Next you want to place glue on the coaster evenly. Make sure you get right up to the edges to prevent lifting. I kind of spiraled around the coaster and used my finger to spread the glue as you can see in the pictures.

Carefully place the paper onto the coaster. Make sure you then press out all the bubbles, I used a credit card.  Do this on both sides of the coaster.  Be careful not to but too much glue because it’ll make the coaster warp a bit. If you notice this, just place a heavy book on top of it until it dries completely.

Optionally, you can ink the edges. This paper I picked looks good with inked edges but you don’t have to. Start with SMALL strokes. It’s easier to add more if you think you need more later. As you can tell in the picture, I only ink on one side of the foam applicator. Just dab once or twice lightly.

Then start off just going side to side on the very edge of the coaster. ALWAYS start from the edge, not from the middle of the paper. Once you get a little comfortable on the inking, SOFTLY drag the foam applicator starting from the edge and with short small strokes. I like my corners dark so I gave it at least 3 passovers on the corners. Do this to both sides and let dry for about 30 minutes. I didn't put any Modge Podge but someone recommended so, but this is optional once it's completely dried.

Next, dress up you binder clip. You can add ribbons, embellishments, or even glue some of the scrapbook paper on to the binder clip so it’ll match.
Here I just tied strips of ribbon
in to knots one on top of the other.
Now all you need is your post it note. But how about a writing utensil to go with it. If you use the clear barrel pens, pull out the tip and roll a piece of scrapbook paper and insert it inside the barrel to match the clipboard.

Now it’s ready to give away…that’s the best part!

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