Monday, 16 July 2012

Make a Scarf Organizer

  This is an easy project that will take you about twenty minutes to complete.You can also use this organizer for belts or ties.

Project Materials:
  • One package of round plastic shower curtain rings, $1
  • Something to tie with (ribbon, yarn, etc.), on hand or $1
  • A hanger, on hand

I got the shower curtain ringsin the bathroom supplies section of my dollar store, and I chose to use shower curtain rings because I like that you can open them, making it easier to slip your scarf into the ring. I used ribbon to tie the rings together because that's what I had on hand. If you use ribbon, I recommend using the thinnest ribbon you have, but better than ribbon would be yarn or maybe even something like zip ties (you can get them in the tools/auto supply section at your dollar store). I just used a hanger we had on hand.

To make it:

Lay two rings out side by side with the openings on the same side. Tie together. Add another ring to the chain to make a series of three rings. Make four sets like this.

After you have your sets of three rings, put them together back to back, so the openings are at opposite ends. Tie the backs together, then tie each ring to its neighboring rings. You should have what vaguely resembles one of those plastic ring things from a six-pack of soda. Use the remaining sets of three rings to make another "six-pack."

Tie the six-packs to the hanger securely. Insert scarves and start organizing!
Note: If you use ribbon, you might want to sear the ends of ribbon with an open flame.
Another note: You could fit more six-packs on one hanger, but I'm not sure if the hanger would be strong enough to hold more than twelve scarves. Just a thought. You be the judge, though!

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