Sunday, 8 July 2012

Beaded Loop Clasp


Materials Needed:

3 yards of waxed linen cord
20 size 8/o seed beads

I am basing the thickness of this loop (6 strands of cord) on the bracelet that I made. Adjust yours according to how many strands you would like to bead.

1. Cut cord into five 12" pieces. Cut a sixth strand into a 14" piece.

2. Place 20 beads onto one of your 12" strands of waxed linen cord.

3. Space the slightly beads apart.

4. Match the ends of all your strands, twist the ends together so that they hold. Hold ends together firmly in one hand. Using your free hand, pick up your 14" cord and wrap it tightly around all of the cords in front of the first bead, leaving 2" of "waste" on the end for later use. Push the first bead up tight against the loop.

5. Wrap your 14" cord around the all of the cords behind the first bead, in front of the second bead. Make sure that it's very tight. Hold firmly with your fingers. Continue this pattern until all 20 beads are wrapped.

6. Wrap your 14" cord around all of the strands one more time. Then, pick up the 2" of "waste" to create a loop & knot.

7. After making your bracelet using the remainder of the cord, tie a button onto the other end that fits into your beaded loop clasp. I made my button by drilling holes into a small river rock.

Have fun with all sorts of designs!

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